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Temporary Work

Read how to get started with temporary work assignments

What is Temporary Work?

Temporary workers (temps) are part-time or contingent workers who are hired on a short-term basis. Temporary work assignments can differ in duration lengths ie. 1 day, 2 weeks, 6 months etc, but regardless of contract length, employers are usually looking for you to start right away. Temporary work  can be a great way to gain some excellent experience, try out a new career path, get your foot in the door for a permanent position, or gain flexibility for family or other commitments. Temporary employment provides you with the flexibility to work when and where you want.​

I’m interested. How does it work?

  • You must firstly register your interest with us by phone, email or by applying for a temporary role. If we feel you are suitable for a temporary assignment with one of our clients, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your skills and experience in more detail.

  • Depending on the assignment, you will either meet the client directly or a member of our team for a face to face interview.

  • If this meeting is successful, you will be added to the Matrix Recruitment Group payroll and we will issue you with a contract for the assignment.

  • We will also require the following from you:

  • - Personal details form with bank details, PPS number and contact details.

    - It is essential that you also contact Revenue/your local Revenue District and request to have your tax credits allocated to Matrix Recruitment Group to ensure that you are on the correct tax bands going forward. The Matrix Recruitment Group company registration number is 6361506D.

    - Please note that until a tax certificate is received you will be placed on emergency tax.

    What happens when I am on a temporary work assignment?

    • If you register as a temporary employee with Matrix Recruitment Group, we will:

      • Process your weekly payroll including calculation of PAYE, PRSI and USC.

      • Email/deliver your weekly payslips.

      • Handle any payroll queries. If you have any queries with your payslip, you can contact our Payroll Manager, Eleanor, on 051 353 825.

      • Manage your holiday accruals and entitlements.

      • Manage payment of sick days, time in lieu, flexitime, shift allowances, etc.

    As a temporary employee, you will be required to:

    • Complete a weekly timesheet outlining hours worked and breaks taken. You will also be responsible for ensuring that this timesheet is signed by your on-site line manager/supervisor and submitted to our payroll team by 5pm every Friday to ensure payment. Timesheets can be emailed to eleanor@matrixrecruitment.ie or faxed to 051 328 127.

    • Complete an expenses form for any expenses that you wish to claim while on assignment. This form must be approved and signed by your on-site line manager/supervisor and submitted by 5pm on Friday to ensure payment. Expense forms must be emailed to eleanor@matrixrecruitment.ie or faxed to 051 328 127.

    • In the event of illness, you must inform your line manager as soon as possible that you will be unable to attend work.

    • If you wish to take annual leave, this must be approved by your line manager and sent to our payroll team for processing.

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