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CV Advice & Templates

Your CV is your first impression, make it count!

Your CV should be tailored to the particular job for which you are applying. Read job specs carefully and highlight relevant experience on your CV. The one CV will not be suitable to apply for every job.

The "Perfect CV" Layout

The perfect CV should feature the following content, in this order:

  • Personal information: name, address and contact details.

  • Why you are right for this job or have the relevant skills and experience: this is your chance to really convince an employer that you are the perfect candidate for the role. But keep it short; two to three lines should suffice.

  • Career history: starting with your most recent job and working backwards.

  • List any other skills you have: only if you feel they add to your CV. Perhaps you are a great writer, fantastic with figures or a whizz at IT; if they complement the application make sure they are included.

  • Education: A brief description of your education to date is sufficient.

  • Hobbies and interests: don’t underestimate the importance of including your interests. If you don’t have a specific hobby list the things you like to do such as reading, cinema and travel

  • References: Matrix suggests that there is no need to list your referees, as this only makes a CV longer. A prospective employer will assume that you will provide references if required

  • Proofread: it is difficult to proofread your own work so ask a couple of friends to read over your CV to pick up any typos or errors. One mistake is often all it takes for your CV to be disregarded and for you to lose that dream job.

Free CV Templates

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