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​Ireland has become the global technology hub of choice when it comes to attracting ICT companies and this is set to continue over the next decade. With more tech companies setting up in Ireland, the demand for and supply of IT talent have become somewhat out of balance and salaries and benefits packages are competitive across the board as a result.

The demand for technical talent has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Even non-tech businesses are now seeking out skilled employees with expertise in tech in a bid to keep up with changing consumer behaviour. With many businesses going digital, programming candidates are in demand, particularly those who are adept at the latest versions of Java Script and other programming resources. Remote work is also driving this demand as businesses seek out agile IT talent that can provide quick response remote desktop support, this demand has cause a jump in salaries for entry-level Helpdesk Support roles.

Eugene O'Rourke

Eugene O'Rourke

Recruitment Consultant