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Financial Services

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Change is a recurring theme right now and neither financial services nor the financial system is immune. But there is a new context: challenging economic and geopolitical conditions, underpinned by widespread uncertainty in the face of rising energy costs and inflation. Balancing different priorities including developing the diverse, digitally-savvy and relationship-driven workforce needed to compete in today’s fast-changing financial marketplace requires a new mindset. In fact, it requires a new skillset.

Financial services organisations are facing the immediate challenges of economic and political uncertainty and the longer-term impact of new technology, more exacting regulation and shifting customer expectations. And while some long-established business models are struggling to sustain competitive relevance in the wake of these developments, there are new opportunities for reinvigorating growth and re-engaging with customers, employees and society as a whole.

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Jobs in Financial Services

Rena Weld

Rena Weld

Financial Services Recruitment Manager