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CV Tips For Roles In the Pharma Sector

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Ireland's pharmaceutical sector is renowned for manufacturing five of the world’s top-selling drugs. Additionally, Ireland holds the title of being the world’s largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals, creating demand for highly skilled professionals in this sector.

With over 25 years of expertise in the field, the team at Matrix Recruitment are well-versed in assisting individuals in finding their ideal roles within the Pharma industry. They have curated their top CV tips for those seeking new positions in the industry this year.

Relevant industry experience:

Tailor your CV to highlight important experience aligned with the desired role. For example, candidates in drug development should showcase past successes in project management and product launches.

Certifications & Training:

Include relevant certifications such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and regulatory affairs training to demonstrate professional qualifications.

Quantify achievements:

Strengthen your CV with quantifiable achievements, such as successful product launches or exemplary regulatory compliance efforts, showcasing tangible contributions to past roles.

Technical skills:

Dedicate a section to highlight proficiency in pharmaceutical software, quality control tools, and familiarity with industry-specific technologies, demonstrating versatility and adaptability.

The experts at Matrix Recruitment also recommend including key words in your CV to emphasise familiarity with industry-specific terminology and demonstrate qualifications for roles in the pharmaceutical sector. Examples of key words include drug development, regulatory compliance, clinical trials, quality control, pharmacovigilance, and formulation.

Candidates should ensure their CV is clear, concise, and free of spelling errors. A CV should tell a story about your education and work experience, from job to job with no gaps.