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How to get a job in the environmental sector

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The advancements of technology, market opportunities, and investment and funding have led to an increase in jobs in the environmental/green sector. According to IDA Ireland, it is estimated that the Irish economy will need to fill over 20,000 jobs by 2030 just to support leading green economy sectors.[1]

Matrix Recruitment has seen an increase in demand for highly skilled workers in the environmental sector in Ireland in recent years and has helped candidates land their dream role. Below we have compiled some top tips for landing a job in the environmental sector.

1.Consider further education:

The environment can be a very diverse and complex subject matter so when applying for a role, employers want to see applicants with the relevant education credentials. If you have a degree in environmental science, geography, or agriculture you should have the fundamental knowledge needed for the role. However, if you did not study related subjects for your undergraduate degree, don’t worry as there is now a wide range of master’s degrees that you can apply for to expand your knowledge in this field and increase your chances of securing your desired role.

2. Relevant experience:

Roles in the environmental sector usually requires candidates to have practical and technical skills so one should aim to gain work experience in the relevant area where they can. Having previous work experience or voluntary work in an environmental role will show an employer you have a passion for this topic and understand the basic skills needed to be successful in the role. LinkedIn is a useful tool for candidates who are looking to gain work experience. Reach out to companies in your desired field and ask them for advice or express your interest in gaining work experience in their company. Join local community groups like Tidy Towns or local litter picking services to boost your sustainable credentials on your CV.

3. Focus on a specific area:

The environmental sector is broad, encompassing roles in renewable energy, conservation, waste management, sustainable agriculture, and more. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering the boundless jobs that are becoming available in this area. In order to stay focused, tailor your approach to the specific area that interests you most.

4. Networking:

Following on from work experience, candidates who are really interested in working in a specific job role should not shy away from attending industry events or workshops. Attending industry seminars or conferences will not only increase your understanding of the environmental sector but it also enables you to build connections and thus establishing yourself into the industry.

5. Tailor your CV:

When applying for any role you should always tailor your CV/cover letter accordingly. You should read the job specifications and clearly outline why you would make a successful candidate for the role. Highlight relevant skills from previous roles, education or volunteer work that would emphasis your knowledge in this area and how your skills and experience align with the job you are applying for.

[1] IDA Ireland, 21/12/2022