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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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​Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most efficient tools you can master, it is essentially your public, online CV. With nearly 2.2 million Irish people recorded with a LinkedIn page in 2023, LinkedIn is the largest online networking platform for job seekers, hiring managers, and businesses alike. So, if you need some help to level up your LinkedIn profile, keep reading.

Use a Professional Headshot

Firstly, the most simple but effective thing for you to do is to upload a profile picture. This will be the first thing that page viewers will see when they visit your page, so set a good impression. Although having a professional photo is important, you do not seek out a photography company to have it taken. Depending on the industry you work in it depends on how creative you can be but here are our best tips on how to take your own headshot:

  • Use a tripod or get a second pair of steady hands. Selfies are a no-go.

  • Dress for the occasion. Wear something that isn’t distracting. Try to wear neutral colours. Wear what you would wear to work.

  • Make sure your face takes up most of the frame. Your profile picture should be taken or cropped from the shoulders up.

Include a Headline

Your headline should include your current job title and the company you work for. If you are looking to change from the job you currently have, inlcude the job you are seeking in the headline instead of your current one. If you are a jobseeker, it is helpful to also include a phone number and/or email address in your headline so hiring managers / recruiters can contact you regarding job vacancies.

Tell your Story

Use your summary to write a quick snapshot about yourself. The human attention span is very short, so remember, writing a striking summary in 2000 characters is important. Include bullet points with headings such as:

  • Main platforms / software you use every day

  • Top tasks you do every day

  • Successful projects you were a part of (include results)

  • Career highlights you are proud of

Use the Right Buzzwords

Throughout your LinkedIn profile, we recommend using keywords relevant to your industry and future career. For example, a Engineering Professional may use the following keywords on their LinkedIn profile; ‘engineering’ ‘manufacturing’ ‘Lean’ ‘mechanical engineer’, and the list goes on.

Hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn Recruiter, an application that allows consultants to search for candidates based on keywords in their profiles. Saying that, the right keywords are vital in your LinkedIn profile when hiring managers are looking for the right people to fill certain roles.

You are more likely to be seen on LinkedIn when all sections of your profile are completed, so make sure to fill in every section of your LinkedIn profile. This will unlock the all-star level on LinkedIn and will therefore set you up for success in the long term.