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Matrix Recruitment's top job-hunting hacks

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Matrix Recruitment has revealed our top job-hunting hacks to secure your dream role in an ever-evolving market. The hacks are filled with expert insights which will empower job seekers in 2024 no matter what role you are after.

The Perfect CV

Your CV is your first impression, so you need to make sure you are presenting the best version of you. Your CV should be easy to read, factual, and should have no spelling errors. Matrix Recruitment always recommend candidates to tailor each CV they send to the role they are applying for. Even if a role is in the same field, sometimes the job specifications may differ so it’s important to read job descriptions fully and tailor your CV accordingly.

When writing a CV, one should use action verbs to showcase their skills and what experience they have. Words like managing, inspected, enforced, achieved, initiated and more are powerful action words that will strengthen your CV. You should also keep these action verbs in mind when you head for the interview.

The Interview

Whether through video call or in person, the interview is another opportunity to make a good first impression with your hiring manager/employer. Research the company thoroughly before the interview. You want to show the interviewer that you are passionate about the company and the work they do. Having a better understanding of a company also helps you relay in an interview how you will fit in to their culture and what you can achieve in the role.

Practice makes perfect - prior to any interview you should write down common interview questions for that specific role and practice answering them, make sure you include a clear description of your experience and utilise those powerful action words from your CV.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool! Use this to your advantage by optimising your LinkedIn profile and ensuring it is fully up to date, with a professional photo and a compelling headline to attract prospective employers. One can use the ‘open to work’ section on LinkedIn which shows recruiters that you are open to a new role. Do not be afraid to network with employees of a company whose work you are interested in, you never know when a new connection can lead to an interview and potentially a new role.

Recruitment Agencies

Do not be afraid to approach a recruitment agency, especially one that specialises in a field you want a career in. Building relationships with recruiters who can offer helpful advice as they know what are the key skills hiring managers are looking for in your field. They can also keep you informed about upcoming opportunities and put forward your CV to companies they think you would be a suitable fit for. At Matrix, we work across 12 industries in Ireland, with experts in each field who are passionate about connecting the right candidate to the right job. Those who job hunt through a recruitment agency also tend to experience a faster hiring process than those who job-hunt solo.

Other hacks the experts at Matrix Recruitment have compiled include:

•Signing up for job alerts on job boards related to your field of work

•Work on your personal brand - Don’t be afraid to use social platforms specifically LinkedIn to share industry related content and blog posts especially if you are in a creative industry

•Continuously be open to learning more about your industry – attending industry events, engaging in online forums or upskilling by participating in courses/workshops

Established in 1998, the experts at Matrix Recruitment have over 20 years of experience in recruitment and their job-hunting hacks will ensure you have a successful start to your job search in 2024 and will land your dream job in no time!