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​As businesses are beginning to restart projects that were put on hold during the pandemic and ramping up operations overall, the need for support talent is ramping up. The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increased need for highly skilled and organised receptionists and administration staff to meet the intensified demand for medical and healthcare appointments. Hospitals, GP offices, and COVID-19 test centres required, and still require, top quality staff to deal with the volume of calls and inquiries regarding COVID-19 testing. As competition for talent intensifies, candidates need to stand out from the crowd by seeking opportunities to upskill or undertake relevant courses such as GDPR, Compliance, Languages, Advanced Excel, etc.

As companies continue to reopen office locations in 2022, business support professionals will continue to play an important role in driving growth for businesses so that they can maintain a high standard of service. Businesses such as telecommunications, insurers, and manufacturers are all dealing with increased calls so admin professionals, especially those in customer service roles such as call centres are front and centre for the year ahead. The demand for Office, Administration, and Customer Service staff peaked in 2020 and 2021 and will continue to rise in 2022 and beyond.

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