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Boost Your Employer Brand for Recruiting

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​Employer branding involves curating your brand perception for potential candidates, so they see value in pursuing a professional relationship with your brand. By working on your employer branding, you can articulate what employees can expect to gain by working for your company.

Positive employer branding helps businesses recruit top talent and establish a unique and positive reputation among past, present, and future employees. By improving your company’s reputation and work culture, your brand can appear more attractive to potential employees. Further, advocacy by past and present employees can go a long way in boosting your branding and bringing in the highest quality of talent. Below we will explain employer branding and describe how you can boost your employer branding to recruit the best talent.

What is employer branding?

Your employer brand is the general perception of what it’s like to work for your organisation. It encompasses the market perception of your company as an employer and your promise to employees. An employer brand reflects your company’s values, practices, culture, and mission.

Employer branding shapes the general perception of your company to appeal to job seekers. You can do this by marketing values, qualities, and practices that appeal to the kind of people you want to hire.

Why is employer branding important for recruiting?

·         Boosting the number of qualified candidates’ applications.

·         Improving your perception online.

·         Improving employee retention.

·         Reducing cost per hire.

Steps to boost your employer branding to attract top talent

1. Understand your audience

You should have a good idea of the candidates you want to appeal to before designing your employer branding strategy. Ensure your recruitment team conducts thorough research to gather information about your ideal employees, such as their interests, educational qualifications, work experience, and location. A clear target audience can help you shape your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

2. Research your competitors

The next step is to research your competitors to determine what they’re doing right in terms of marketing to potential candidates. Ask yourself why a potential employee might find your competitor more appealing.

Break down their recruitment marketing strategy to see what appears to be working for them. This can include everything from the hashtags they include in their LinkedIn job postings to the content they put out on social media pages.

3. Ensure your online presence is strong

A core component of curating your reputation is managing your online presence. As most hiring now happens online, brands need to have active accounts on various career sites and social media. Part of working with Matrix Recruitment means we will actively promote your brand on our website and social media channels. Currently our social media channels have a combined following of over 25,000.

4. Create high-quality content

Good content that shows off what it’s like to work at your company can boost your employer brand. But that’s not all you need to do.

Content going up on your different media channels should present different aspects of your industry. You can do this through social media posts, blogs, articles, press releases, videos, podcasts, and reviews.

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