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Why Partner With a Recruitment Agency?

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​Recruitment agencies are a key component to the talent acquisition industry. The core purpose is to connect client companies with candidates well suited to the role and company. Ever considered working with a recruitment partner? We’ve compiled a short list of the benefits below to help you along.

1) Get Relevant CV’s

I’m sure you see a ton of CV’s come through the door that completely miss the mark? Working with a recruitment partner means you feel safe in the knowledge they are only passing appropriate candidates with relevant experience over to you. This allows you the time and freedom to focus on bigger projects.

2) Only the top talent for your business

Recruiters know where to look. We have collected a wealth of data that shows us where to find success (we currently have 28,000 candidates on our internal database). This can help speed up the screening/application process and save you precious time. Also, skilled job seekers tend to use a trusted recruiter to find them the best role.

3) We know our stuff

A recruitment partner will be able to focus in on specialisms and will have experience recruiting for similar roles. Our expert Consultants at Matrix Recruitment are equipped with a great deal of knowledge of these job categories.

4) Interview expertise

A recruitment partner can pre-screen candidates and even conduct a first round interview, using creative recruitment techniques to ensure they properly assess the candidate and manage their expectations. We will also perform reference and background checks (and much more) so you don’t have to.

5) Drive innovation, new ideas and strengthen your business

Having a positive relationship with your recruitment partner can allow your business to grow from strength to strength. At Matrix Recruitment, our recruiters work with companies of all sizes and can adapt to suit client needs.

Partnering with us will give you access to the best talent and support you need to maximise your business’ potential. For more information or to make a hire click here.