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6 Reasons you Should Use a Recruitment Agency

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The age-old questions recruitment agencies hear all the time....

Why use a recruiter when I can just go online and apply for the job directly with the employer myself?

Today we take a look at just 6 reasons why you should always consider applying through a recruitment agency when you are considering a job move. We also give you some insights into how a recruitment agency runs and operates.

1. Recruitment agency services are FREE for candidates!

Let’s get one thing clear, as a candidate applying through a recruitment agency, the service costs you NOTHING, it’s completely FREE. The hiring company pays the recruitment agency for their services, and that’s it! If you are successful in landing the job, the salary you are offered is the salary you will receive. There are no hidden or secret costs for a candidate.

2. Recruiters have direct access to the decision-makers

If you apply to a company directly on a job board or on their website, there will likely be hundreds of other applications and your CV may end up getting lost in the pile. When applying through a recruitment agency, we can confirm your suitability for the role and get your CV right in front of the hiring managers in the company. After speaking to you about the role, we speak directly with the decision-makers and sell you as the best fit for the role. This is something you can’t do if you apply directly yourself.

3. Recruiters can give you more details about the role that you won’t see online

Job descriptions online don’t always go into much detail and can be quite vague. By chatting to a consultant within a recruitment agency, we can expand on the role and give you more details about the hiring company and what it is they are looking for. Knowing this exclusive detail about the role now will allow you to really assess if this is the right match for you, rather than investing a lot of time proceeding only to find out down the line that it isn’t the role for you.

4. Recruiters will fully prepare you and your CV for interview with the hiring company

If you apply for a position directly with the hiring company, you can only do so much preparation by going online to research the company. Eventually, your search will run out and you will be stumped as to what to do next. That is where recruiters come in. We know the hiring company inside out and we know exactly the style of interviews that they conduct. The company may even give an insight into the exact questions they plan on asking you in the interview. Imagine going into an interview already knowing what they are going to ask! As recruiters, we want you to land the job and we will do everything we can in order for this to happen.

5. Recruiters chase up your applications on your behalf

Once you apply for a role directly, you sometimes find that you don’t hear anything back from the company and you’re left wondering if you have progressed through to the next stage or not. A recruiter can find this out for you and keep you updated on how your application is progressing. We can also provide you with other information such as how many other candidates are through to final stages or if there has been a change in circumstances.

6. Recruiters act as the middle man & can help get you a better salary

In the majority of cases, the final stage of the recruitment process involves the negotiation and acceptance of a salary offer. When applying directly for a role with a new company, it can be difficult for candidates to know how much the hiring company will be willing to go on salary and benefits. You may not feel comfortable negotiating money with your potential new employer. That is where the recruiter comes in and conducts the awkward, difficult discussions for you. Ultimately, we want the best outcome for you and a win for you is a win for us – the higher your salary, the higher the fee the hiring company pay us – win-win!

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