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6 Reasons you Should Use a Recruitment Agency

The age-old questions recruitment agencies hear all the time....Why use a recruiter when I can ju...

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4 Day Work Week Calendar

A four-day week: Is it really that simple?

“Perhaps there’s no right or wrong answer and the jury is still out on whether society will benef...

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Fall Back In Love With Your Job Blog Banner 1024x576

Fall Back in love with your Job

We all fall out of love with work and our day to day jobs from time to time but don't worry, we a...

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Free Daily Productivity Planner – PDF Download

You might be aware of the basics about using a daily planner, but have still not discovered the m...

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Free Monthly Budget Planner – PDF Download

This planner can be used on an individual level, team level, or company level.Download: Matrix Re...

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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

By implementing these seven recruitment strategies, you will help your organisation attract and h...

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60 Seconds With Laura Keane 1024x576

60 Seconds with Laura Keane, Senior Marketing Executive

What is your background? (Qualifications and work experience)I am a qualified Graphic Designer an...

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60 Seconds With Rena Weld 1024x576

60 Seconds with Rena Weld, Financial Services Recruitment Manager

Can you describe your current role – what’s your typical day-to-day?Each day varies which is what...

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Workplace Equality Phase 1 Info 350x200

Workplace Equality Report 2021 – Phase 1 Infographic

4th October 2021- More than half of workers concerned that choosing remote working will create in...

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Workplace Equality Phase 1 1 350x200

Workplace Equality Report 2021 – Phase 1

4th October 2021- More than half of workers concerned that choosing remote working will create in...

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Employee Burnout – How to Spot it and Take Action

Do you know how to spot the signs of burnout and how to tackle it?People have been more likely to...

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60 Seconds with Kieran McKeown, MD of Matrix Recruitment

We sat down with Matrix Recruitment's Managing Director, Kieran McKeown, to find out what motivat...

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How to be Happy at Work

Few people feel happy at work every single day and most people have times when they don’t feel th...

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Hybrid Working: What are the Considerations?

Now, the future is open, and we need to decide what it actually looks like. But one thing is for ...

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Returning to Remote Work After Maternity Leave – Case Study


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The 8 Telling Signs it May be Time to Change Your Job

The idea of packing in your 9-5 and changing jobs (or careers entirely) can seem a bit intimidati...

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Financial Services 2021 Salary Guide

With a strong background in recruiting in the financial services sector, Rena Weld heads up our f...

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Contracting Matrix Recruitment

Why Contracting Roles are Overtaking Permanent Positions

How has this global health pandemic changed the hiring process, and how, if at all, will talent a...

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Workplace Equality Report 2020 – Infographic

​9th December 2020: 38% of people in Ireland have experienced workplace discrimination and almost...

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